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Create Shambling Mound (Sp) : The Ironwood has the unique extraordinary power to create a shambling mound from any suitably sized mass of dead vegetation (roughly two 5-foot cubes of material). This power requires 10 minutes to employ. The wielder of the Ironwood can use the staff's command plants power to attempt to control the new shambler, if she so chooses.
The Ironwood is recharged by destroying another magic item through cancellation, an extraordinary power that works much like a rod of cancellation . The wielder must succeed in a melee touch attack to strike an item held by another character. The item gains a Will save (DC 19) to avoid destruction; use the bearer's Will save if it is better than the target item's.
The Ironwood regains 1 charge for every +1 bonus value of the item in question, or 1 charge per full 10,000 gp value for items without a numerical description, to a maximum of 5 charges per item destroyed. The Ironwood has a maximum capacity of 50 charges; if it absorbs more than 50 charges, it is canceled and destroyed itself.
The Ironwood is intelligent and neutral evil. It has Intelligence 17, Wisdom 19, and Charisma 14 and can communicate by speech or telepathy. Its Ego is 26.
Caster Level : 20th; Weight : 12 lb.
Source: Unapproachable East

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