Double dragon - double dragon

References to Billy and Jimmy Lee appear in many different games, directly or not. There is also a crossover game, titled Battletoads & Double Dragon, released for various platforms.

This sci-fi action film, aimed at a younger audience, is based upon a popular video game. It is set in a futuristic Los Angeles after the

Try to get the bonuses you see on the way. With this your energy will expand and you will be stronger. If you die you cant press " RESTART " to restart the level. Have fun

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In addition to the video game Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls , made for the Genesis , Super NES , and Jaguar , Tyco Toys produced a set of action figures. The figures included: Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, Blaster, Vortex, Shadow Master, Sickle, and Trigger Happy. Three vehicles were also made: The (Dragon) Cycle, (Dragon) Cruiser, and Shadow Raven.

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Double Dragon - Double DragonDouble Dragon - Double DragonDouble Dragon - Double DragonDouble Dragon - Double Dragon